The ability to start warehouse operations 60% faster

A typical warehouse startup can take 30-90 days for network & systems implementation; but, your business is growing rapidly and/or you need serious seasonal space. Most providers ask you to sign a long term lease you don’t need and increase their fees for expedited service to get the facility up and running quickly. Wagner has the solution: IT-in-a-Box!

Benefits of IT-in-a-Box

  • Startup a warehouse operation in 7-14 days
  • Increase start up productivity by 35 percent
  • Average startup cost reduction of $28,800
  • Potential to avoid sunk cost of hard wiring a facility
  • Blitzkrieg access to multiple markets
  • Quickly exit a facility with a poorly performing provider or location

The latest technology, previously unused in the industry, will make your transition seamless to your customers while cutting your warehouse startup time by 60 percent. Wagner can quickly locate a building and deploy IT-in-a-Box in only 7-14 days. 

IT-in-a-Box runs on a secured private network and is capable of being deployed in new or existing warehouses up to 150,000 sq. ft. Need seasonal warehousing capacity? Wagner is able to decrease overall startup cost, avoiding laying the foundational work with permanent lines/wiring and implementing a truly mobile solution that can be moved and repurposed when your project is completed or replaced with hard lines after your speedy transition is complete. Avoid disruption and gain immediate visibility of your inventory with rapid deployment of IT-in-a-Box.

Bring It to Wagner Logistics – come see the difference for yourself!

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