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Wagner Logistics has two facilities in the Jacksonville, FL area. One facility is a dedicated operation for a customer who has been working with Wagner for 14+ years. The dedicated warehouse serves as a Regional Replenishment Center (RRC) for their customers.

Once located in a shared warehouse, our customer grew out of the space and wanted to have a dedicated warehouse set up in Jacksonville. Wagner seized the opportunity to continue the long-time partnership. With a wish list in hand from the customer, our General Manager in Florida was able to assist in locating a suitable facility for our customer.


Chad Wakeham, General Manager in Florida, works with a team of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to serve our customers in Florida. By functioning as a RRC for this customer, we help coordinate the inbound shipments from several different regions. Outbound shipments are typically same day to the customer. First-In First-Out (FIFO) is practiced for this customer’s product to reduce the amount of time an item has to sit on the floor. There is open communication on a daily basis between the Wagner team and the customer to ensure all inventory is accounted for and the customer’s orders are processed in a timely manner to meet the delivery requirements.

The Tour

When a Technical Sales Manager contacted our Jacksonville team to see if they could coordinate a tour of the new facility for their customers. The Jacksonville team welcomed the group of 15-20 into the facility about a week later. The Sales Manager said he was thoroughly impressed by the way everyone was greeted by the Wagner Team, coffee was offered and a conference room was readily available.  As Mr. Wakeham and his crew showed the customers around the facility, he was able to discuss the process flow of managing product into and out of the warehouse. 


The team stands ready to do more tours in the future for all customers. Chad understands why the customer would want to show off this facility, it is a newer warehouse with 38 foot ceilings. After the tour, the Sales Manager responded to the Wagner Team with an email thanking Wagner for the tour and included, “The customers were very impressed with the size of the warehouse, the cleanliness and organization. I wanted you to know how appreciative I was for their hard work and how well they did showing off their fine facility.” At Wagner Logistics, we are committed to our customers and want to make sure that we bring them the best customer service each day. 

Brian Smith
Warehouse layout
  • Warehouse layout

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