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A Top 100 third-party logistics provider with seven decades in the supply chain industry. Family-owned, John P. Wagner established Wagner Industries in 1946. We provide genuine customer service to our customers and our superior onboarding process will make your customer's transition seamless. We work tirelessly to find innovative solutions to reduce supply chain costs while increasing your speed-to-market with our latest technology, IT-in-a-Box. We say Bring It!

Wagner Has You Covered

  • Our experienced transportation team is responsive 24/7. They work at securing long-term dedicated capacity, adjust to unexpected seasonal shifts, and take on last-minute requests. We operate on local, regional, and multi-modal services. 

  • We have warehouses in 11 states with over 4,500,000 million square feet. We offer peak-demand operations, rail service, pick/master order carton experience, lot control, bulk and rack storage, integrated computer systems, and secured facilities. Only pay for the space you need.

  • Omni-channel fulfillment is flexible to accommodate any project. ASN and compliance with retailer routing guides. Through our web interface we can drop orders directly into our fulfillment system.  Our engineering team can assist with quicker start-ups.

  • We offer packaging services to meet the needs of temporary projects or extension of your production line.  We have labeling, kitting, modular pallet building. Packaging options include clamshell and blister packs. 

Top Five Reasons To Bring It! To A Third Party Expert

1. Fast Growth Periods- in periods of rapid expansion

2. Outgrowing Internal Resources

3. You are getting Retailer Charge backs due to late of Retailer Compliance

4. You need more efficient ways to take your product to market

5. You are doing the same thing every year and not seeing improvement

Discover Wagner

High-tech and hi-touch. Work with Wagner and you'll realize it's possible to get both. Get answers on your unique supply chain challenges.Our Industrial Engineering department will lead the effort through analysis, design, implementation, and measurement. We know your supply chain needs are completely different from any other customer’s. 


Warehouse layout
Warehouse layout

The Wagner Team

Wagner's seasoned logistics pros competitively engage in helping your business work smarter. We do it through advantages of structure, scales and integration.

factoryWhat Bring It Means to Us

Whatever your supply chain challenges are, Wagner can't wait to take them on.